Lives in Transit is a web app for making multimedia adventure games.

The official app is available at, with a number of topics (games) you can play through.

This site is designed for use by those who want to create games of their own, and host them on the platform. Games are created through the use of JSON files and multimedia (i.e. audio/video). So, you'll need to learn how to structure your repository of JSON files, and what the individual fields and possible values are that generate valid game content.

To do this, you'll need to learn the Lives in Transit Syntax (LitS), which is what this guide is for.

Once you have a working game, you can submit an issue at our main repository and we can upload your game to the website. Alternatively, because the game engine itself is open-source, you could run your own instance of the entire system, including your/other games.

Lives in Transit: table of contents

Free and open software

Pull requests are always welcome for both games and their engine. Please be in touch via GitHub or Twitter